You can build your username by putting together one letter from each word in the given word list. The challenge is to discover which letter should you use from each word.

The other player has a sequence of numbers. Those numbers will help you know which letter to take from each word.

The numbers indicate the position of the letter to be taken.

Example: the first word in the list is “Leadership” and the first number in the sequence is “4”. That means that the user’s first letter is “D” since it is letter number 4 of that word (leaDership).

Now you just need to do that with each word on the list. The second letter would be “y”. Since the word is Creativity and the number is 10 (creativitY).


The colored squares indicate the order of the numbers. All you need to do is to find out which number corresponds to each color. 

To discover the value of each color, use the arrows. Just grab a paper and pencil and do what the arrows indicate without lifting the pencil from the paper. Each color of arrows will become a number.

If you did it right, you will see that for example yellow arrows make a 5.

If you can’t see it yet, here’s the example.


There are several facts hidden in the enigma.  On the one hand the “path” that appears in one email and on the other hand the “symbols” that appear in the other. A “path” is clearly visible in one email while the other email has symbols instead. Pay close attention to the attachments of the email. Did you check out the attachments? There is more than one piece of information in attachemnts for both players.

The “path” that you see in one of the e-mail is the route you must follow to obtain the ID. This route must be followed on the other mail, on top of the symbols. The same route is ought to be followed in the other e-mail, on top of the symbols.

Each symbol needs to be replaced by a letter; can you discover which one?

If you look closely, you will see some letters are mixed within the symbols. They appear in a certain order for a reason… The order in which they appear will help you determine which letter corresponds to each symbol.

The symbols are equivalent to all the letters of the alphabet and are arranged in that order. The first symbol is “&”, this means it is equivalent to “A”, the second is “*”, it is equivalent to “B”, and so on. The only symbols needed are the ones in red.

Once you have written down what letter each RED symbol equates to, you only need to sort them by taking the “path” that appears in the other e-mail.


All you have to do here is to superimpose what you see with what the other player sees. Between the 2 parts they will form a word.


If the colored dots are joined, they form letters.

If you join the yellow dots that are seen in one of the drawings, an “E” is formed. If you join the orange ones, they form an “A”, etc.

The colored stripes that are in the lower right part of the image give the order of the letters.

The first stripe is pink. The pink dots form the letter “L” which means that the first letter of the word is an “L”.


In the app you see a message that says: “In order to exit you need to undo.”

Can you think of what “undo” might mean?

Which shortcut do you use to undo something on your computer?

The shortcut to “undo” is


Check if you find those letters and symbols on the board. With that information, perhaps, you can put together a numerical code.

If you look for it on the license plate you will see that each letter has a number.

Starting with “C”, its number is 12, that means that it will be the first number in the sequence.

Then you have to find the number of “T” which is 9.

The sequence up to here goes: 129

Keep looking for the other letters and symbols until you form the complete code following the order CTRL + Z


We can’t help you with this… This is a question about you own team!


On one of the keyboards you can see which keys were touched.

To see in which order they were pressed, you need to see the thermometer. Those that were touched first should be colder in comparison to those that were touched last.

Finally, using the keyboard with letters, you will be able to form the word.

The first letter is an “S”…


The message appears to be written with symbols and those symbols appear intermingled between the words in the text. Could you find out what letter each symbol is equivalent to?

More specifically, look at the letter immediately following each symbol.

Example: The text begins by saying

/online corpo:rate games

The letter immediately after the slash “/” is “O”, this means that / is equivalent to an “O”.

You must look for each symbol and its equivalent in order to form the final sentence.

The second word is “is”.


The colors where the hand is positioned seems to indicate an order.

If you find hexagons with the corresponding colors, you will be able to put together the name.

To find out what letter each hexagon is equivalent to, the name of the objects inside each hexagon is very important.

More precisely how each object is written.

And even more particularly, the first letter.


The first thing you need to do to solve this puzzle is to connect the parts. See if you can connect them by joining the legs.

After connecting the parts, you must know what they mean. The arrows are pointing at something, but can you figure that out?

The arrows point to the corners and in the corners, there are screws which represent mathematical operations. For example: The arrow pointing upwards towards the right is equivalent to a minus “-“.

Now you need to know what number equals to each letter.

It seems to be in another language… Do you know which one?

They are the Roman numerals! Now you just have to solve the operation.

In case you forgot, the signs that separate terms are those of addition and subtraction. The product and division signs do not separate.